The BodySmith, LLC.

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Our Mission

It is the goal of The Bodysmith is to create a welcoming environment where everyone can find classes that will keep them engaged for a lifetime, and turn fitness into an enjoyable habit. We believe the best way to stay fit and injury free is to engage in a variety of different fitness modalities to create a strong yet flexible body.

Our Rock Steady Boxing program serves the Parkinson's community by offering them a way to fight back against their disease.

It is the mission of The Bodysmith to provide the opportunity for those in the Springfield area to go through life mentally and physically agile, which allows participation in the activities that bring joy to life.

Please consult a physician before beginning any physical fitness routine.

Why Practice Pilates?

While The Bodysmith offers a variety of exercise opportunities, the heart of our studio is Pilates, because it is an effective, efficient, full-body workout that is based on the core principals of alignment, stability and breath.

With all the classes to choose from, why is Pilates the right program for you?

You used to be active when you were younger, haven't done anything athletic in years, but are thinking about getting active again.

Pilates is suited for all ages and fitness levels because it focuses on the deepest layers of muscles in the core that protect the lower back. Pilates is a happy medium between a rigorous gym workout and meditative movement, which helps reconnect and develop awareness of what the body is doing. Body awareness can often be the first step in improving fitness levels.

You exercise regularly, but are finding that you want to provide your mind and body some variety.

Pilates offers over 500 exercises to choose from, and with multiple modifications for each movement, the client has almost unlimited variety. Pilates provides a lifetime of both mental and physical challenges.

Your joints ache, you have an injury, or are dealing with a degenerative disease, but you want to build strength and improve your fitness.

Pilates is gentle on your joints. Our certified instructors will choose Pilates exercises to put your body in positions where it moves and reacts efficiently, thereby reducing stress and strain on the joints. Increasing strength and developing good movement patterns can reduce current joint pain and prevent future injuries. Pilates offers a wide range of specialized solutions to optimize your health, strength, and mobility, that will keep you moving.

You've always been active, and want to maintain your health as you age, but getting injured is something you now worry about.

Physical fitness is the main method of delaying the consequences of aging such as cardio-vascular disease. While high-impact sports can provide fitness, they can be hard on the aging body. Pilates provides a safe way to continue your fitness journey by allowing exercises to be modified for individual needs, and by focusing on building flexibility, stability, and strength to keep you active.

You take part in athletic events, but you've hit a plateau and can't seem to improve anymore.

Many professional athletes are turning to Pilates and finding it improves their strength and flexibility, making them better athletes. You don't need to be a professional to see these benefits. Our clients run faster marathons, improve their golf swings, and avoid injuries related to their sport. Pilates will help you reconnect with neglected muscle groups to facilitate optimal performance.

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